Candy and Sam, in Artistic Collaboration

At the beginning of The Tramp, our heroine Candy is already quite involved with the alluring and mysterious new guy in town, Sam Castle. Candy’s Tumblr page fills in the gaps of understanding–what is going on between these two, and why is she so weird about him? Keeping abreast of Candy’s posts over the summer (before The Tramp begins) will help a reader to trace the path of their relationship.

And that’s all I’ll commit to. I’ve left breadcrumbs–you follow them!

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For example, I’ve just posted on Tumblr (as Candy, of course), about the collaborative artwork that she and Sam have been creating on the walls of an old dilapidated shack deep in the woods, which readers will be familiar with in The Tramp as “The Palace.”


Me and my friend Sam started battling with paint on the old wooden walls of this place I know. So fun.

First, I stained some sections that were nice and gnarled with different colors, then we used charcoal, chalk, paint or whatever, in turns.

Always surprised when I walked in.


She posts photos that she’s taken of the works-in-progress, and she comments on what she or Sam has added.

Thus, wood goes from pretty and familiar to oddly animate…




to cavernous…




to curiously inexplicable.




A reader might ask, “Who is this person, seeing such strange visions and bringing them to life out of sheer will?” And within that question, I refer to both Sam and Candy.

Candy doesn’t see the ghouls, until Sam shows them to her. This next example is perfect.






Wood knots become staring eyeballs and yawning, screaming mouths. Almost chilling, but more like fascinating, (says Candy on her blog).


Who is kidding who?

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