Edits, Round One!




My editor hates all my “!”‘s, but I thought this title really needed one. You know, like someone announcing a boxing match? Sorry, Peggy…

The editing process is an eye opening experience and I can’t imagine trying it without a professional. How else would I know where I was being too vague in one area and superfluous in another? Anyone besides a pro would probably be worried that I might bite his or her head off for such an observation. My alpha reader isn’t shy, but he already knows the story and has sat through countless tellings of plot twists and juicy character tidbits along the way–all fascinating, I’m sure (thanks, Bill).

And who else would take the time to sift through each line, tweak, advise, and comment on a 100,000 word+ novel? It’ll be great when you guys get it, but trust me, it wasn’t always so.

Painful at first, but now exhilarating.

Editing is priceless. If you find a good one, keep her. Thank you, Peggy DeKay (see, I controlled my self–no exclamation point!).

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