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A Book Review of The Stingwisher, by Loren Blowers

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If you’re looking for a Christmas present for that hard to shop for Sci-Fi junkie who has already read everything before you’ve even heard of it, give this new series by Loren Blowers a shot. It’s fresh, it’s unique, it’s wildly entertaining, and your friend will be impressed at the goldmine you’ve discovered in this new author’s debut novel.

The Stingwisher is described as the heroic misadventures of an LA party girl abducted by a tobacco loving jackass on steroids. That it is, but I also found it to be richly developed Sci-Fi, with a complex and well-defined universe, and believable characters with whom I really identified. Blowers promises an absorbing, long-arching storyline–albeit, with domineering male figures from outer space who have defeated aging and lost the grounding feminine side of their civilization, so feminists beware. Stuck somewhere in their late twenties, this fraternity of alien dudes has come to earth (pragmatically, they believe) to revive their race because, hey, earth women can do that, so why not force them to?  Having forgotten about the nonlogical element of female refusal which might thwart such a plan, the boys proceed. Their execution of that strategy, through the eyes of abducted LA party girl Bianca (who has relationship baggage), is fun and easy to get lost in.

When it comes to Sci-Fi, I guess I’d admit to being a bit of a snob. I’ve read everything from Philip K. Dick to Robert Heinlein to Peter F. Hamilton, and when I get on an author kick, I devour anything and everything that author has ever written. So I know my stuff. And at first, I was afraid that a new author would not be able to deliver the consciousness emersion I crave in a good read. I’m glad to report that only a couple chapters in, I had fallen through the hole in the pages—or trusty e-reader screen—and I didn’t resurface until I was shocked out of the story by the cliff-hanger ending. Without ruining the story or giving anything away, I found the young adult love antics and alien attempts at courting to be quite diverting and completely believable. I was satisfied to the core by the detailed science and politics of the alien race–the author does a great job at delivering the science without making you work for it.

Loren Blowers is doing for true, old school Sci-Fi what Suzanne Collins did for Fantasy and Stephanie Myers did for Supernatural. The book is Sci-Fi, but Blowers has a writing style that makes the female point of view accessible. The feisty and alluring, yet flawed and relatable, Bianca will have the ladies on her side (or wishing they were her), and I’ve always wished more chicks would get into Sci-Fi. Even as an adult male, I was truly concerned about how the alien dating game was going to play out. Unlike typical Sci-Fi, I was able to side with the female, but I still empathized with the frustrated alien males. Bianca is confusing and frustrating (kind of like every girlfriend I’ve ever had), however I kept rooting for her throughout the story no matter what she said or did.

Loren Blowers is an author to watch, and this series is one a wide-ranging audience will enjoy. The time is now to get on board, so when everyone else is bingeing on the HBO or Netflix series, you can brag that you read the book when it first came out.

–William Fenwick, Guest Reviewer


Sarah is the author of the new Young Adult novel, The Tramp, which is the first book in her epic saga, Bound. She is also currently working on a related novella entitled, Wicked Lover, which will be released in serial format on Amazon every two months. View the trailer for The Tramp, and listen to its original soundtrack! Find more info and links at An artist turned author, Sarah's literary work incorporates art judicially, both in plotlines and in supporting social media. A reader can view characters' art and posters for fictitious events in Shirley County, listen to samples of character's favorite music and music that inspired the writing process, and even purchase a charm given to the heroine of The Tramp. LayerCake Productions is Sarah Wathen's independent publishing company, responsible for producing all video, audio and imagery for the Bound saga. Visit for more info.

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