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Facebook is only as cool as your friends, right? Sometimes something really good comes out of that juggernaut of social media. Today, it was me being nominated for the “3X5 Art Challenge.” For five days, I’m supposed to post three images of my own art, and then nominate another artist to join the challenge. At first, I thought it seemed like a hassle and I could’ve slapped my “friend” for nominating me to do a glorified chain letter. But only for a few minutes. Because almost immediately I started considering which art I’d like to share, and who I’d love to nominate in return. It made me look at some of my old work (that I hadn’t considered in years), think hard about what it meant to me then and now, and then wonder about connections that I’ve made with other artists along the way.

My first post was about a photo series I shot back in 2004, since the friend that nominated me loves one of them. These are a part of “Evidence of Life,” and were some of the most difficult art pieces that I’ve ever produced. The final image was a simple snapshot, but what went into each was anything but simple. I shot these photographs while was recovering (physically and mentally) from a cataclysmic car crash. I was still alive. Wasn’t I? Barely. Each photograph describes, as closely as possible, my inner self on the journey to the brink of death and back.




Those three are what I posted on Facebook. The first one was used as cover art by a band I met shortly after producing the series, called The Break Mission. Their album, “As Much Light As It Will Take,” was excellent. I highly recommend a listen: http://bit.ly/1yUoEj6


My husband, Bill Wathen produced the album with Jeff Knowlton at Smash Studios, close to Times Square in NYC. Fun times.

The following image was another they used, also of the same photo series, for the back cover.


Buy a print of one here: http://bit.ly/1Ex4e8f


Sarah is the author of the new Young Adult novel, The Tramp, which is the first book in her epic saga, Bound. She is also currently working on a related novella entitled, Wicked Lover, which will be released in serial format on Amazon every two months. View the trailer for The Tramp, and listen to its original soundtrack! Find more info and links at www.sarahwathen.com. An artist turned author, Sarah's literary work incorporates art judicially, both in plotlines and in supporting social media. A reader can view characters' art and posters for fictitious events in Shirley County, listen to samples of character's favorite music and music that inspired the writing process, and even purchase a charm given to the heroine of The Tramp. LayerCake Productions is Sarah Wathen's independent publishing company, responsible for producing all video, audio and imagery for the Bound saga. Visit www.layercakeproductions.com for more info.

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    The balloons–whoa! Love them all Sarah–your talents are endless!

  1. February 1, 2015

    […] in this “3X5 Art Challenge” on Facebook, I post my favorites. See the first post in this blog series here. These were my first experiments with watercolor, and although I’ll never be a purist (I throw […]

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