Making The Tramp Soundtrack

A peek into the minds of composing musicians is always fascinating…even more so when said musicians are producing the soundtrack for my very own book! Oh do tell, Her Last Boyfriend!

Her Last Boyfriend

This is the first project that Gerard and I have ever approached as a cohesive whole. We intend for the listener to set the needle down and listen from beginning to end. Everything else we have ever done in our 20 year, 6 album collection was written differently. Albums began as one-off songs, which were then clumped together in sort of chronological order or for promotional tactics.

When Sarah approached me to create a soundscape for the movie-style video trailers for her book The Tramp, I had been on a 6-year musical sabbatical. In some ways this was refreshing. I had finally jettisoned most of the cynical baggage that I had acquired after years of trying to grasp the elusive brass ring of the music industry. Initially, I was just trying to create a short instrumental piece that would accompany the video trailer. I spent a lot of time creating…

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