The Tramp: Book One of the Bound Chronicles

HLB talks about writing the music for The Tramp, and Caroleen on the Scene reviews The Tramp Soundtrack. Listen to tracks from the album!

Her Last Boyfriend


Buy Sarah Wathen’s, The Tramp on Amazon HERE. Check out the author’s website HERE.

Her Last Boyfriend’s The Tramp Soundtrack, Reviewed by Caroleen Stewart:

Her Last Boyfriend is a band that’ll definitely make you feel nostalgic. With their 90’s inspired tempos and instrumentals, listening to them will make you feel like you’re in a movie. Starting in 1995, with band mates Gerard Kouwenhoven and Bill Wathen in Tampa, Florida, now 20 years later and two cities apart, Her Last Boyfriend is back with their seventh album. “The Tramp” is the official soundtrack of the book with the same name.

When first heard at the Branded Saloon in Brooklyn, New York for the “Rew & Who Show,” I never expected Gerard had a voice so captivating and powerful, that can paint a picture so vividly. The song “Bound Hearts,” tugs at your heart strings, wraps around you and guides…

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