Another 5 Stars And An Awesome Blog Find To Boot

“The Tramp is the kind of book that makes your heart beat fast all through the reading,” says Romorror Fan Girl. How awesome is that? romorrorAnd how cool is the word “Romorror” (romance and horror)? Don’t you just love when thank-you’s mix with reciprocal good stuff? The best thing about this blogger digging my book is that I was able to find her blog. And I LOVE it, check it out HERE.


Sarah is the author of the new Young Adult novel, The Tramp, which is the first book in her epic saga, Bound. She is also currently working on a related novella entitled, Wicked Lover, which will be released in serial format on Amazon every two months. View the trailer for The Tramp, and listen to its original soundtrack! Find more info and links at An artist turned author, Sarah's literary work incorporates art judicially, both in plotlines and in supporting social media. A reader can view characters' art and posters for fictitious events in Shirley County, listen to samples of character's favorite music and music that inspired the writing process, and even purchase a charm given to the heroine of The Tramp. LayerCake Productions is Sarah Wathen's independent publishing company, responsible for producing all video, audio and imagery for the Bound saga. Visit for more info.

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