Music/Manuscript Symbiosis

Thank you to Her Last Boyfriend, for hosting my guest post! I compare tracks from The Tramp’s Soundtrack album with excerpted scenes from the book. Take a look and a listen…

Her Last Boyfriend


I probably love Her Last Boyfriend’s newest album more than anyone on the planet–I think my ardor surpasses even Bill’s or Gerard’s and they produced it! I say that because their new work is a concept album aligned with my very first book. I wrote The Tramp, and they delivered The Tramp Soundtrack like magic.

You see, I had the unique experience of writing draft after draft (and rewriting draft after draft, and we won’t even go into the dreaded edits), while listening to the soundtrack grow from a simple instrumental for a book trailer to a full-fledged soundtrack album. Bill was reading through the story as it developed, too, and he designed songs after characters and scenes. Gerard used some of my material to write lyrics, and even some of Candy Vale’s (The Tramp’s heroine) poetry made it into the mix.

I thought it would be fun to…

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