Murder Train

So there is this song called “Murder Train” on my new soundtrack that is haunting me right now. I can’t stop listening to it. The weirdest thing is that this album was almost finished WITHOUT Murder Train. I loved the whole thing, every song on that beautiful album. But when it came down to it–when it was basically completed–I told Her Last Boyfriend we needed one more song.

See, there is this climactic scene that I felt we were pussy-footing around. It’s a violent scene and we needed a violent song.

Within twenty-four hours after my request–nay, twelve–I was given the rough of the new song Murder Train. It was violent and I loved it. Especially the intro, which was actually quite gentle. That’s the part that I keep on repeat. The mournful, weeping cello is what really gets me, and then the climbing, echoing clatter of the train. And the dive of the cello at the last, plunging into depths beyond register…oh, the evil in that. The trepidation.

Listening to this song feels like someone opened my head and delicately picked out my best (or maybe my worst), most private thoughts, and then made music with them.

Now you listenĀ HERE. (Be advised, this link only gets you to the free Spotify listen of the album. You must click on the “Murder Train” track to understand what I’ve been blabbering on about).

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