Your Wicked Lover Has Arrived

The first segment of my new serial novel, Catchpenny, is ready for launch! Wicked Lover, welcome to the world!


For a brief synopsis, go HERE. But right now I’d like to share a little snippet I haven’t yet…

In the safety of the limo, he lounged back onto the seat, his eyes smoldering as he watched me. I settled myself opposite, arranging the beads of my cocktail dress and fluffing my curls, not really sure what had just occurred between us. Maybe he was angry with me; he sure looked it. I said, as innocently as I could manage, “Are you afraid of heights?”

“Afraid of having to dive off a cliff to catch you, maybe.”

I snorted. “Right.”

“Reckless,” he sighed, shaking his head.


“Sorry? You’re not like any girl I’ve ever met, Meg. It’s a lot to take in, but there’s no reason to be sorry.”

I fumbled with my beads a little more, unsure of how to proceed. I felt the car start to roll and I looked up in reaction, to see a door in the ceiling just over Tristan’s head. I had an idea. “Hey, we can get a perfect view of the moon from in here. That’s a sunroof, right?”

He looked above his head and his expression cooled. “Actually, I’ve been wanting to try that ever since I first got in.”

“You mean, ejector seat?” I met his spreading grin and he nodded, then reached over to push a button by his armrest. The window in the ceiling slid open and Tristan grabbed my hand, pulling me over to crouch with him on the seat below the skylight.

“Ejector seat!” we yelled together, springing up through the open roof, him laughing and me cheering like a five-year-old. The sky spread over us like velvet lavender, a blanket of winking stars around the glowing lunar orb. It felt so close I wanted to reach up and touch it—moments like those were the closest I ever got to church.

We watched the sky together in silence. I slid my eyes in Tristan’s direction and saw his own closed, his face content. The air was getting cooler, twilight fading into night, and I shivered as Barney picked up speed. My hair started to whip around my face and I grabbed as much of it as I could in one hand to save the ringlets, gripping the roof with the other. I wondered if my “frizz eliminator” would hold up to such abuse, and I squeezed eyelids shut against the wind and frenzy of escaping curls. Strong fingers encircled my wrist, pulling it down and trapping it behind my waist. My eyes snapped open and his face was so close I could feel the tickle of his cheek against mine. My hair whirled around us like a tornado.

His voice was deep and urgent in my ear. “Don’t put your hair back.”

“It’ll be an afro in a minute.”

“I like it wild. I like you wild.”

I turned my face a fraction and my lips brushed against his. “Kiss me.”

He cupped my face with his hands, so large and warm I felt my cold cheeks blaze instantly, but so gentle he was barely touching me. He hesitated, holding my gaze as if he were about to say something first, his mouth close enough that I was breathing his breath. I couldn’t wait another second. I pushed my lips into his and slid my hands inside his jacket and around his waist. He answered me, caution forgotten along with the moon. Was that him who moaned in relief or me? I couldn’t tell, our mouths and limbs so entwined we seemed like one.

Both our knees gave way at once and I felt myself collapsing onto the seat below, then toppling to the floor. His arms were around my shoulders and under my thighs, catching our fall in an expert roll. He landed on top, hovering over me and devouring my neck while I locked my ankles around his back. His lips were as soft as his body was hard, and I felt an electric zing at every point where we connected. All thoughts of preserving my pristine Homecoming costume faded into the smell of his skin, the taste of his mouth, and the hills and valleys of his body. I let myself melt into the texture of him.

–excerpted from Wicked Lover, Part One of Catchpenny, by Sarah Wathen

Read the first part of this serial novel for $0.99 on Amazon HERE. Paperback also available on Amazon.


The title of this part of Catchpenny was inspired by the song, “Wicked Lover,” by Her Last Boyfriend. Check it out, on Spotify:

And iTunes:


6 thoughts on “Your Wicked Lover Has Arrived

  1. That extract sure sounds promising, sorry that I did not join your blog tour. But as there are more books to come I’ll join in, in the future. 🙂

  2. Congrats Sarah!! The SKY IS THE LIMIT you are a great author:)
    Hey everybody, I listened to “Wicked Lover” by Her Last Boyfriend and it IS AWESOME!!! Available on SPOTIFY and ITUNES

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