Sarah Wathen – INSIDE and OUT!!!

Another great interview with Meg, this one all about Catchpenny…

Meglena Ivanova

  • Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.11.14 AM Sarah Wathen

    Tell me about your book. Why did you choose this title?

Catchpenny is the name of the entire serial novel and Wicked Loveris part one. The word “catchpenny” means something to sell readily at a low price, regardless of value or use. It sounds like something my grandma would say, kind of like “pantywaist” or “poontang.” Weird and almost funny, but with really crappy undertones. That line of thinking is perfect for my new book, which centers around a forward-thinking girl in a backward-thinking small town. She’s uninhibited, smart, quirky…and thereby not too well accepted in her high school. Basically, Meg Shannon is the town slut, but there is nothing basic about any person’s real story. Originally, the whole series was to be titled Wicked Lover, until I realized that title only names one aspect of Meg. By the end of it, she’s no wicked lover and…

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