Get a FREE Taste of Wicked Lover on Wattpad

I know, I know. $0.99 is still a risk if you don’t know the author. Here are the first two chapters of Wicked Lover, Part One of Catchpenny, for FREE on Wattpad.

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Click HERE, and THANK YOU for reading!


2 thoughts on “Get a FREE Taste of Wicked Lover on Wattpad

  1. I have put my nose into it and now I want to know more. I’ll likely opt for the paperback (like last time) as I am not a huge fan of ebooks… Good luck with the tour, I do hope that you’ll get your sales up!

  2. Oh, I’m so glad! Thank you for checking it out. Yes, it’s such a struggle to get those sales up. I’m hoping the shorter, cheaper book will get more people to want to take a bite. And it looks like Wattpad helps, too, so that’s very good to know. Thank you for the feedback on that.

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