Oops! Did I Just Write an Erotic Teen Novel???

Wow. What a well-written interview, capturing my long-winded tale in so few, eloquent words. Many thanks to to Lois Shearing! Read on, please…

Faithfull Words

Following the release of her second novel Catchpenny on 1st July, Sarah Wathen spoke to Faithfullwords about writing an erotic young adult fiction, her own teenage years, and the chemistry between music and reading.

Sarah Wathen’s first novel, The Tramp, published only four months ago is a fantasy thriller about the uncomfortable memories dredged up by seeing a childhood friend after what feels like a life time apart.

Catchpenny follows the coming of age of Meg Shannon, an outcast, rebellious and sexually uninhibited teenager growing up in fictitious Shirley County, for which Wathen has re-shuffled the Eastern State, and settled near the smokey mountains.

“One of my friends read The Tramp and was taken aback by the “adultness” of an intimate scene. I kind of chuckled to myself, because Catchpenny has so much more of that,” says Wathen in regards to the sexual nature of her new novel, marketed…

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