A Painting Worth A Thousand Words

I’ve been embedding words in my paintings in the form of pattern for years, and lately I’ve been thinking of a way to reveal the words in a way that isn’t weird. Working with text in art is notoriously difficult. It tends to take away from the viewer’s personal identification with the work, or make the artist’s subtle concept bluntly simplified.

It’s a challenge that I’m not shying away from these days, but I thought I’d go back and look at some of my past hidden text and see if it spoke to me in a different way now. These paintings are from a different life and it’s strange to look at them anew. Back then, I’m sure they felt simple and sincere. Today, they are reborn for me as complicatedly whimsical..and creepy…plays on symbolism and language.

Can you guess my new meaning of the above combination?

“Don’t worry, be happy.”

How about the next one?


“Go vegan.”

“Sibling rivalry.”

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