My Wicked Lover Finally Gets a Trailer

Not that Meg hasn’t deserved YouTube for a while, but darn it I had to learn to use Adobe Premiere before I could make a trailer! I guess you could say I was a video virgin, but now that I’ve popped my own cherry, how did I do? Sorry, just keeping to the book theme here and feeling a bit exhausted. Indie authors are super heroes.

So now I’m an artist, and author, and a videographer. Thanks again to Her Last Boyfriend for doing the music. Take a look and get the book, HERE on Amazon. If you have no idea what Wicked Lover is, go HERE.



Lessons Learned from Authors

Originally posted on YA Author Rendezvous:
Written by Paul Briggs Most of what I know about writing I learned from other writers. Sometimes they were literal teachers — my creative writing instructor at Washington College was a novelist named Robert Day — but usually I learned from reading their works and seeing what they did…

From Bookworm to Social Butterfly

Originally posted on YA Author Rendezvous:
Written by Julie Tuovi The eReader was a great invention for YA fiction-addicted adults everywhere—for those who dared read that awful Twilight gender swap book without getting flack from coworkers! In PRE eReader days, there was no hiding your reading preferences from the lunchroom crowd: your cover was right…

Sunday Writings

My favorite way to connect with other writer’s blogs is with flash fiction. It’s the best way I’ve found for keeping up my chops, too. I just stumbled upon this Sunday Writer’s Link Party this morning, so I don’t have a new piece ready for today. But, I’ll share my favorite that I wrote earlier this…